kei glass

kei glass aka Kat Irvine

I grew up in a very artistic family.  My father is an international kite guru and my mom made Teddy Bears for adult collectors.  Weird right!?  When I went to college I studied Art History not really knowing where my place in the art world was.  I then went on and got my Masters in Art Museum and Gallery Studies.  Can you say “Do you want fries with that?!”

I was introduced to glass working in 2008 shortly before I got married.  My calling was found.  I’ve taken classes here and there, mostly in flameworking, but the most influential in my work is a class I took in 2014- ScreenPrinting on Glass.  I use photoshop to render my images and then I use a silk screen and glass powder.  By firing the image to different temperatures i’m able to create different textures on the glass.  Check out my Glass Gallery

Most of my images are nature based and the powder printing allows me to really play with colors- realistic or crazy!  In my spare time- in other words it’ll never get done- i’m working on creating a dinosaur quilt- colorful, cartoony- entirely done with colored glass power on white plate glass.  Below is an example of one of the dinos.


I learned to sew with my mom when i was a little kid.  It didn’t play a huge part of my life, it was just something i learned to do and usually with her help.  When i went to college, some friends taught me to knit and i’ve been knitting off and on since.  As an adult, I’ve gotten back into sewing with the help of my own sewing machine.  Yes, i still call my mom for help!  I taught myself how to quilt with it and how to use all those weird feet the machine comes with.  I designed this stegosaurus for my nephew (apparently I have a thing for dinosaurs?).  This stegosaurus is fully jointed; his legs move back and forth and his neck and tail can be directed any which way.  You can check out my Gallery  for some of my fiber creations.  As far as teaching goes, I sort of fell into it and am really glad I did.  I just love it!